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Festivals and Ethnic Musical Instruments

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There are many kinds of ethnic Musical Instruments in the festivals around the world.

By blowing, by beating, or by flicking, the ways of playing are different

and the materials of the instruments are various.

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CHINA, Guizhou, "Lu-sheng Hui" festival of Miao 

New Year Celebration with Reed Pipes


Blow the pipe with reed,

then using fingers to cover the holes to make tones.


KOREA, Puyo, "Pekche Ciltural Festival"  

Nongak (Farmer's Band Music)

"Jang-go" / "Chang go"

Thickness of the skins on the both sides is different.

Thicker one is beaten by a hand

and thinner one is beaten by a stick.


Sri Lanka 

Perahera Festival


Drum Beraya



Papua New Guinea 

Sing Sing


Percussion instrument


Peru, Cuzco 


Zampona (Pan Pipes)


Brazil, Rio de Janeiro 



With the Samba music, beet the two bells.


Spain, Sevilla

Feria de Abril en



U.K., Scotland

Highland Games



France, Orleans

Fetes Johanniques




Ku-Omboka of Lozi Tribe

, the ceremony of a move of Lozi fellows' king




Saba Saba


Thumb finger Piano


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