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Celebrate flower Festivals

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All the people on the earth celebrates the beauty of flowers.
There is no difference between countries and races.
The colorfully decorated flower floats, flowers with children, the festivals of flowers in the world.

Tournament of the Roses (Rose Parade)

January 1

U.S.A. California

The new year of U.S.A. starts from Rose Parade. The 60 floats are decorated with half million roses parade the city of Pasadena. After the parade, football game of Rose Ball played.

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Carnival of Nice

February the day of carnivals

France, Nice

On the carnival days, the giant Carnival kings and his fellows on the floats come to the town. On the promenade street along the Aegean sea, flower battles start. Beauties on the floats throw away the spring flowers to the spectators. 

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Mimosa Festival

Middle February

France, Cote d'Azur, Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez of South France, spring arrival is celebrated and a mimosa festival is performed at the bloom time of a mimosa. While the stall which sells the flower of a mimosa and the honey of a mimosa is located in a line, the parade of the floats decorated with the flower of a mimosa or children is performed. As for a town, this time homes, hotels, restaurants and all over by the mimosa.

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National Cherry Blossom Festival


U.S.A., Washington D.C.

Along the Potomac River of Washington D.C., there are 3000 cherry trees which bloom every spring beautifully. The origin of this goes back to 1907 when the first lady of President Taft imported 80 young plant from Japan. American people enjoy picnics under the cherry blossoms. On the main street, there is a parade by floats decorated by paper cherry flowers.

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Flower Parade


Netherlands, Noordholland

As for the Noordholland, the tulip field continues. The parade of float decorated with the flower at this time when a spring flower blooms is performed. On Friday, the exhibition of float is held , and those float carries out the parade of the 40km on Saturday.

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Mid-Summer Festival

June, Summer Solstice Day

Latvia, Riga

The Sunlight is very important for the people in Latvia of Northern Europe. So that people have celebration on Summer Solstice Day. There are markets of flowers and glasses in various places in the country. Such flowers and glasses are marguerite, oak, mountain ash and lupin. Females in traditional costumes sing songs and weave crowns by glasses. Young males and females dance surrounding the camp fire. The night is also the chances for love.

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Flower Festival

May or June, the Day of Corpus Christy

Italy, Lazio, Genzano

The town of Genzano hosts a flower festival on Corpus Christi. Boys and girls gather flowers at the suburb of the town. Then they make the flower carpet as long as 310m. The theme of the design of the carpet is assigned by every year. When the festival is finished, those flowers must be removed. Town people walk on the flower carpet.

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Rose Festival

Early Saturday in June

Bulgaria, Kazanluk

The central prairie areas of Bulgaria are mostly Rose farms. The women of the Kazanluk town start to pick the rose before the dawn for the Rose Festival at the beginning of June. Wearing the flower crown on their head and holding the basket filled with petal of roses, the women are singing and dancing for the good harvest. The rose oil become perfume in France.

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Flower Festival

10 days in August

Germany, Rheinland-Pfalz, Bad Ems

There is a hot spring resort famous for Germany in Bad Ems. The parade of float decorated with the flower of 3 million dahlias is performed at August final day days of the week. The queen of a flower is chosen and 250,000 people visit this town.

Erika Flower Festival


Germany, Niedersachsen, Amelinghausen

An English name is a heath at the shrubbery to which erica grows in a lower swampy zone. When purplish red erica blooms from the middle of August to September, it is beautiful as it covered with the carpet. The queen of erica is chosen and the bloom of erica is celebrated.

Saffron Festival

Last Weekend of October

Spain, Castilla-La Mancha, Consuegra

Castilla-La Mancha is famous for Saffron. The festival is held to celebrate a good harvest of Saffron in last Saturday & Sunday of October. On the stage during the Festival, people are dancing and the picking stamen of Saffron competition is held.

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Floral Offering to The Virgin

October 12

Spain, Aragon, Zaragoza

The town of Zaragoza was known as the miracle of The Madonna. On the day of the celebration, 400,000 traditional costume ladies come to offer flowers and fruits for the stature of the Madonna.

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