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In the Haga Library website, you can search the images of the festivals all over the world including the field of cultural backgrounds.

This website and the contents of Haga Library are for the purpose related to your business with Haga Library.  Any customers who wish to view and download the images may register, now.  Registration fee is free.
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How to use this site and How to Order the Photos

1.  Register your details from user registration on our website.    (You mayorder the images at this time)

2.  The images can be searched by simply using the key words or the Categories.

3.  You can select and save images at your own light boxes.

4.  You may choose the images and add to the shopping cart.

5.  Fill out the information form for the usage of the images and click Approve Download

6.  We will confirm your order and send you the final confirmation with the Price.

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8.  You can download high-resolution data (20-50MB) . download the images. 

9.  We wll send you an invoice and you can pay via PAYPAL system (credit card)

10.  With the downloaded images, you can also get the full captions on IPTC data by using Photoshop ‘File Information.’  

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