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Photo Exhibition

Winter Festivals around the World

Hideo HAGA,  Hinata HAGA,  Yashiro HAGA

January 5 - 23,  2008

Aidem Photo Gallery  SIRIUS

After winter solstice day, the energy of sunlight is getting stronger.  Every people of every countries holds festivals with the joy.  The sunlight gives them the energy to live.  In B.C., the day of Christmas is the celebration of the Sun God Mithra.
In East Asia, January 1 by old Chinese calendar (lunar-solar calendar)  is the New Year's Day.   (see our Topics Chinese New Year ).   In Japan, before 1872, people use the old Chinese Calendar, but today they use solar calendar to celebrate New Year.
The days of the carnival are 3 days festival about 40 days before Easter.  During this season, the sign of spring is around the people and they feel festive mood.  People dance and sing songs to celebrate the spring season.
In this photo exhibition, countries and festivals of this theme.  

Photo Exhibition Winter Festival



Photo Exhibition   

Carnivals around the world  / Hinata HAGA        62 pictures 

Photo and text by Hinata HAGA 

The people of old Europe thought the reason of the dark and cold winter was caused by evils. When people found the sign of the spring, they celebrated to drive away the winter evils. In Christianity, Easter is celebrated in March or April. 40 days before the Easter, except no counting of Sundays, is the Fat Tuesday which is the last day of the carnivals. Today, the old spring celebrations mixed with the carnivals for spring celebrations.

There seven countries of carnivals,  Germany, France, Italy, Spain (Canary Island), Canada, USA and Brazil.

フランス ニースã?reg;カーニãƒ?atilde;ƒ«

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Photo Exhibition   JAPANESE FESTIVALS  /  Keiji KIMURA      55 pictures

It took already 30 years since I started to photograph Japanese festivals.  There are so many beautiful Japanese festivals and traditional performances.  

Photo and text by Keiji Kimura 

沖縄 ã?tilde;ゅり馬

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